Guardianship Practice

Professional Guardianship Q & A

  1. What is a Professional Guardian?
  2. A “professional guardian” means a guardian appointed under RCW 11.88.008 who is not a member of the incapacitated person’s family and who charges fees for carrying out the duties of court-appointed guardian of three or more incapacitated persons.
  3. How are professional guardians regulated?
  4. The Certified Professional Guardianship Board is the regulatory authority for the practice of professional guardianship in Washington State. The Board is charged with establishing the standards and criteria for the certification of professional guardians, as defined by RCW 11.88.008. (CPG board Information Link)
  5. How can someone become a professional guardian?
  6. See “Steps to Become a Certified Professional Guardian (CPG)
  7. What are the Standards of Practice for a professional guardian?
  8. see Standards of Practice Regulation