The Washington Association of Profession Guardians (WAPG) was saddened by the reported actions of Wayne Jerome Houston, CPG.

Unfortunately, while we recognize that a vast majority of certified professional guardians discharge their duties to the highest fiduciary standards,   Mr. Houston’s impact the perceived integrity of our profession in the eyes of the general public.

Mr. Houston’s reported actions have breached his and the firm’s fiduciary duty to clients, courts and public.  Mr. Houston’s actions do not reflect our Standards of Practice or Code of Ethics, nor the actions of other Certified Professional Guardians within Washington State and our organization.  Neither Mr. Houston or his organization were members of WAPG.

WAPG is dedicated to ensuring that Washington State CPGs uphold the highest standards and ethics within our profession through education, professionalism, and collegiality.  As a group we strive to continually improve upon the practice of professional guardians and emphasize the immeasurable value each of our members bring to a public in need of our services.  As a group, we can insure that our profession strives to eliminate this type of fiduciary deviation by maintaining and supporting a group of dedicated professionals who support each other in all areas of our work.  As a group we can also demonstrate to the public the real dedication of our members.  We look forward to you membership, your contributions, and to seeing you at our next conference.

WAPG Board of Directors