The National Guardianship Association has been advised by several state affiliate guardianship associations of numerous “Right to Association” legislative bills that are being introduced in most, if not all, jurisdictions around the country. These bills are being introduced much as a Uniform Law would be promoted, with virtually the same provisions in each bill. The bills are generally being sponsored by the National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse, which is identifying sponsors for the bill and promoting passage in each state legislature. NGA members have contacted NGA with concerns about the implications and ramifications of passage of the legislation as conceived upon introduction.

The NGA board of directors has approved this position statement regarding “Right to Association” legislation. NGA requests that its members disseminate the position statement as appropriate, and further requests that members contact NGA to advise its leadership of developments regarding this legislation in other jurisdictions. NGA will assist, to the extent feasible, its members and state affiliate organizations in improving proposed legislation to promote and achieve excellence and integrity in guardianship proceedings.

If you have additional information on introductions of this legislation, or would like to collaborate with NGA on state legislative issues, please contact NGA or Terry W. Hammond, chair of the state affairs committee.